How to Change Signature in Canara Bank Account?

Your signature is very important in banking matters. Every time you issue a cheque or sign any document related to your account. The bank checks your signature.

So you need to make sure that the signature you do on the cheque and other documents matches that in the bank’s database.

But in case you want to change your signature in your account. Then there is a way to do it. Today with the help of this article we are going to learn how you can change the signature in Canara Bank account.

Can I Change Signature in Bank Account Online?

No, you cannot change the signature online. You will need to go to the Canara Bank branch where you opened your account. And submit an application letter to the bank to change your signature in the bank database.

What to Do if My Home Branch is in Another City?

If you are currently residing in a city other than the city where your home branch is located. Then you can visit the nearest branch of the bank and ask for help.

What Documents are Required to Change the Signature?

You will need one of your proof of identity and your passbook to change the signature. Make sure you have the original copy of the document when you visit your home branch.

The Process to Change Signature in Canara Bank Account

Change Signature in Canara Bank Account

You must write an application letter in order to change the signature in your Canara Bank account. This letter is a request that you submit to the bank.

This letter you write should be addressed to the branch manager of your home branch. And in case you go to a non-home branch.

Then write the letter to the manager of that branch. The subject line of the letter you write should be “Request for change of signature in the bank account”.

After the subject line explains the matter and mentions your bank account number and the name of the identity proof document you are using.

In the letter, you must first do your old signature. And then do the new signature that you want to update in the bank account.

Now visit the Canara Bank branch and submit the application letter. Bank officials will ask you to show your original copy of the identity proof document.

You must show your document for verification. Once your identity is verified, the bank will take your request to update your signature in the account.

Officials may also ask you to complete and sign an application form. (if the bank has designed one for this) You must cooperate with the officials and do whatever is necessary.

If you need more information or want to ask the bank for anything. Then I recommend that you call Canara Bank customer care at 1800 425 0018. ( toll-free number)

And other than this if you want to learn how you can change name, address, and email address in your Canara Bank account. Then you can read those articles here.