How to Withdraw Money From Canara Bank Account?

Bank accounts are for depositing our money and keeping it safe. But at times, we also have to withdraw it in the form of physical money from the account. Today we are going to learn the process of withdrawing money from Canara Bank account.

There are two ways to withdraw money from your account. And we can categorize these ways according to the amount of money you can withdraw. Both ways may incur some additional charges beyond a certain number of transactions.

Ways to Withdraw Money From Canara Bank Account

withdraw money from Canara Bank Account

Using ATM Machine: Visit any of the nearest ATM machines → Insert your debit card into the machine → Choose the language in which you want to use the machine → Enter your card PIN number → Choose Banking → Withdrawal → Choose the Type of your account → Enter the amount → Collect the Money and your card from the machine.

This is the fastest way to get the money out of your bank account. The problem is you can not get a higher amount of cash out of the machine. Also, your card’s daily limit plays a very important role here. Some cards have a maximum limit of Rs. 50,000 per day.

From the Branch: Go to your Canara Bank home branch and collect a cash withdrawal form. Fill out the form with details such as your name, account number, date, the amount in numbers and words, and sign the form. Go to the cashier and submit the completed withdrawal form. The cashier will check your account balance and provide you with the money if you have enough balance in the account.

There is no set cash limit that you can withdraw from your home branch. If you do not wish to use the withdrawal form. Then there is also a way around. You can write a self cheque and use it to withdraw money from your Canara Bank account.


This is how you can withdraw money from Canara Bank account. There is another option that you can use to withdraw money using an ATM machine. And it is with the help of the cardless withdrawal. Where you don’t need to have your physical debit card with you.