About Us

Welcome folks! We are very glad that you are here to know more about us.

About Us Bankk.in

Our Mission

“To Provide the Best Banking Guides for the People of India with a Neat and Clean User Interface, High-Speed Website, and Minimal Advertisements”

Our Vission

“To be the Most Reliable Banking Guide Website in India, which People Recognize by Name”

What is Bankk.in?

Bankk.in is an online banking information portal that is designed to help Indians bank better. We publish guides that help you to use the products of the Indian Banks better.

Now there are thousands of Indian websites that do the same. They publish banking guides too. Then what makes Bankk.in different?

How Are We Different?

The approach that we are using at Bankk.in is a bit different from other websites. While other websites are focusing on the quantity of the content, we are focusing on the quality of the content.

The other websites if they are talking about blocking the lost ATM or Debit card. They publish 10 different articles for 10 different bank customers.

We don’t do such things on Bankk.in. Instead, we will write a good article that explains every consequence of losing a card. And then the procedure to block the card for customers of all Indian banks.

Are We Official Part of any Bank? NO!

We are not an official part of any of the banks that are operating in India. All the articles published on our website are purely for educational purposes. And here we are not representing any of the banks. This is very important legal information and we want to make this very clear to our readers.

How do We work?

Before we start writing any of the articles we select the topic and they do in-depth research about it. We will study the top results of the internet and understand what they are talking about in their article.

Later we will visit the official website of the banks and learn what the banks are recommending to the customers. And they upon the verification of the information we write the article.

But we make sure that we provide our customers with proper reference links at the end of each article. And if there are any YouTube videos inserted into the articles we provide proper credit to the video creators channel as well.

What are References at End of Each Article?

The references section can be found at the end of each article published by us. In this section, you will get a list of online resources that we have used to study the matter. And based on those resources we write our articles. The reference section consists of the official websites of the bank, YouTube videos, and some other websites too.

How We Protect our Reader’s Interest?

We take the almost possible care of our readers when they are using our website to read something.

  • We do not demand our readers to share any of their usernames, passwords, PINs, etc.
  • There are no sections on the website where the readers can enter their sensitive account information.
  • Even the comment form on Bankk.in is disabled to make the environment very secure for our readers.
  • Before publishing the article we study the official bank sources and provide the most accurate possible information.

This is all you need to know about us. Thank You! for sparing your time to read about us. Have a Good Day ahead!

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