How to Change Date of Birth in Canara Bank Account?

The date of birth is one of the many essential pieces of information that the bank records about the customer. Usually, banks take the information mentioned in the documents. But if it is incorrectly mentioned, you can ask the bank to change it.

This article will walk you through the process you need to follow to change date of birth in the Canara Bank account.

Can I Change My Date of Birth Online?

The first question that comes to your mind is this. Let me answer this you. No, you cannot change your date of birth in the online account.

There is only one way to do it and that is offline. And when I say offline, I mean you, the customer of the bank, personally visiting your home branch.

What to Do if my Home Branch is Far from Me?

There are so many people who could work outside of their hometown. And the hometown is where people usually open a bank account.

So now the problem is they can’t go to the home branch and do this thing. In such cases, the customer can go to the nearest bank branch.

The customer must explain to the bank employees that he or she cannot go to the home branch. Employees of the nearest branch can cooperate with the customer in such cases.

What are the Requirements?

As I told you before, the date of birth is one of the critical customer information. Thus, the bank will not change it on a simple request.

The bank will only change the date of birth when the customer provides the bank with appropriate proof. This can be any document issued by the relevant government department that certifies the date of birth.

The process to Change Date of Birth in Canara Bank Account?

Change Date of Birth in Canara Bank Account

The process is that the customer has to write a letter to the bank asking them to correct the date of birth in the bank account. The customer can submit a handwritten letter or a computer-printed letter to the bank.

The letter of request must be written to the branch manager of the bank. If you can get to your home branch, write to the manager of your home branch.

And if you can’t, you can write to the manager of the nearest branch. (if they are ready to take your request)

The subject of the letter should be “Request for correction of date of birth in the bank account”.

After the subject line, you should make it clear that your date of birth is incorrectly mentioned in your bank account. Further mention your name, account number, your correct date of birth, and the name of the proof document you have with you.

Once done, you need to get a clear photocopy of the document and make your signature on it. Finally, visit the Canara Bank branch and submit your letter of request with the photocopy of the document.

While going to the branch you should carry the original copy of the proof document with you.

What Happens After this?

The bank will verify the authenticity of your proof. Only then will your request be processed. It may take up to 2 working days.