How to Deposit Cash into a Canara Bank Account?

Bank accounts are for depositing and holding our money or balance. There are two different ways to deposit cash into a Canara Bank account.

We will learn both ways in this article. The first way will take longer than the second. I have explained both ways. You can choose any one way and have your money deposited into the account.

Can I Deposits Cash in Any Branch of Canara Bank?

Yes, you can deposit money into your account from any Canara Bank branch. But when you use the services of any branch other than your home branch. Then the bank could nominally charge you for it.

What are the Requirements to Deposit Cash?

The most basic requirement is cash or money. In addition to the money, you will need the account holder’s name and bank account number.

And if you want to deposit money using an automatic cash deposit machine. Then, you will need your debit card and your PIN number.

Can I deposit money in a Canara Bank Account from a Branch of Other Banks?

No, you cannot deposit money into your Canara Bank account using the branch of another bank. You should only go to the nearest branch of Canara Bank.

But in such cases, you can transfer money to the Canara Bank account from your bank in other banks. But technically, this is not a “cash deposit”, but rather a “money transfer”.

Ways to Deposit Cash into a Canara Bank Account

Deposit Cash into a Canara Bank Account

Using Cash Deposit Slip: Visit any Canara Bank branch and collect a cash deposit slip. Now fill the slip with the details like the account holder’s name, account number, date of deposit, the amount in figures, and amount in words.

When finished, check if you have filled in all the details correctly. If so, sign the slip and go to the cash counter. Submit the cash deposit slip with the money to the cashier and collect the corresponding receipt.

Usually, the slip or cash deposit form will consist of two parts. You need to fill in the details on both parts. The bank will take the second part of the slip for reference.

And the first part of the slip will be given as receipt of the deposit you have made. You should keep the receipt safe for future reference. Once the deposit is reflected in the account, you can dispose of the receipt.

Using Automatic Cash Deposit Machine: If you have a Canara Bank cash deposit machine near you. Then you can use it to make the deposit.

To deposit the money, you must go to the cash deposit machine → Insert your card into the machine → Enter your card PIN → Choose the option “Cash deposit” → Put the money in the cash slot.

The machine will count the money and show it to you. Check the amount of money you have deposited and confirm the transaction. The money will be deposited into your account and you will receive a receipt from the machine.

You can check if the money has been deposited in your account by getting the mini statement of your account using the same machine.


This is how you can deposit cash into your account. If you wish to withdraw money then you can do it using a withdrawal form, using a debit card, using a self cheque and also using the cardless withdrawal option.